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  • (UF31)

    UF31 is a high-performance 5G modemfor 5Gwirelessnetworking applications. It supports 5GNSA&SA, 4GLTEand 3G networks from telecomservice providersof mostcountries in the world. The USB type-C port andEthernetport are adopted to provide high-speed internet accessfor field devices. With a compact size and industrial design, UF31iseasyto carry out or embed to any equipment, whichisparticularly suitable for smart offices, video surveillance, digital media implementations, industrial automation, traffic applications, robots and so on.

  • (WAP2100T512)

    WAP2100-T512 Ceiling-mounted Intelligent AP (2 GE ports, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/wave2, 1267Mbps Wireless, built-in antenna, supports POE and adaptor power input, excluding PSE and power adaptor)

  • (WAP2100T618)

    WAP2100-T618 High-density Celling-mounted intelligent WiFi6 AP(2 GE ports, built-in antennas,802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax(WiFi6),1775Mbps wireless,support POE input and Adaptor power supply, excluding PSE and power adaptor)

  • (WAP2100T630)

    WAP2100-T630 High-density Celling-mounted intelligent WiFi6 AP(1 console port, 1 GE port, built-in antennas,802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax(WiFi6),3000Mbps wireless,support POE input and Adaptor power supply, excluding PSE and power adaptor)

  • (WAP2100I22C)

    WAP2100-I22C-D Outdoor Intelligent AP (1 GE TX/SFP combo ports, built-in antennas, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/wave2, 1267Mbps Wireless, POE power supply, excluding PoE power source, IP67)

  • (EM500-CO2)

    2 * 3500 mAh ER17505 Li-SOCl2 battery NFC Enabled IP67 Rated

  • (UC511-DI)

    UC51x series LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller isadeviceused to remotely control DC latching solenoids of thevalve.Itcontains 2 solenoid interfaces and 2 GPIOinterfaces, whichcan be easily controlled locally or remotely. Besides ultra-low-power LoRaWAN® technology, UC51xseriesalso provides built-in solar pannel and high-capacitybatterypower supply for long-term operation. For outdoorapplications, it equips with IP67-rated enclosureandM12connectors to protect from water and dust under harshenvironments

  • (UC100)

    1 * RS485 Modbus RTU Supported Cost-Effective & Super-Tiny Size Harsh-Environment Resistance

  • (UC300)

    UC300 series is an IoT controller used for remote control anddataacquisition from diverse devices. It contains multipleI/Ointerfacesincluding analog input, digital input, relay output, serial port, PT100RTD input, which support remote device data transmissionviaLoRaWAN® or 3/4G networks. Besides, UC300 seriessupportsmultiple trigger conditions and actions which can work autonomouslyeven when the network dropped. Combining with Milesight IoTCloudsolution, it can monitor and control remote devices viawebserverormobile App easily. Adopting...

  • (WSC6100NC12)

    BDCOM WSC6100-NC128 Intelligent AC Controller (1 CON, 1 GE-Combo, 8 GE-LAN, Maximum 128 APs, 220VAC power supply)

  • (WSC6100X16B)

    BDCOM WSC6100-X16B Series Enterprise Intelligent AC Controller (1 USB, 5 100M Ethernet interfaces, built-in 220VAC power supply, maximum 16 AP, License included)

  • (EM300-SLD)

    EM300-SLD is a compact spot leakage detectionsensorfordetecting presence of water (or other liquids) andtransmittingalarm using LoRaWAN® technology. With thislowpowerconsumption technology, EM300-SLD can work upto5yearswith 4000 mAh battery. Combining with Milesight LoRaWAN®gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud solution, users canmanageallsensor data remotely and visually and receive alarmsviamobileAPP. EM300-SLD also integrates temperature and humiditysensors,which has a great use for applications such aspipeleakagemonitoring, basement flooding,...

  • (GS101)

    GS101 is a LoRaWAN residential gas detector to detect thenatural gas leak and send alarms. When the concentration causedbygasleak reaches the preset threshold, the detector will trigger bothLEDlight alarm and buzzer sound alarm, it also supports controllingoutputs to close the gas valve and open the vent fans topreventpotential accidents. Apart from local alarms, GS101 can also report the normal statusofthe device and alarm messages remotely by the use of LoRaWAN®technology. Integrating with Milesight LoRaWAN® gatewayandMilesight IoT Cloud...

  • (DS3604)

    3 * 590mAhCR2450LithiumBatteries SupportMultipleCharactersto Displayup to 150 Languages ProvideAPI for ManagementPlatformIntegrationor Development SupportDisplayTemplateCustomization NFC Enabled IP30 Rated E-ink Screen: 4.2-inch Black & White& Red E-Ink Screen Resolution: 400 x 300 Pixels DPI: 119 ViewingAngle: 180° RefreshRate: 16s (10°C ~ 40°C)